The Future is Electric?

The FIA is the governing body of a lot of motorsport series out there including the prestigious and world-renouned Formula 1 series.

With the advent of hybrid technology and more efficient and smaller combustion engines in Formula 1, some fans were wondering if the sport would turn all electric eventually. This would frustrate a lot of motorsport enthusiasts as they are looking for the thrill, sounds, smells and vibrations that only a gas-pumping, combustion engine can provide.

What happened a few years back is very interesting. The FIA went all electric with a brand new series: Formula E. This was a great move because we now have a place to focus on and experiment with new electric vehicle racing technology by also keeping true tradition of Formula 1 with “classic” internal combustion and “noisy” engines.

Formula E is only 4 years old and already has gained lots of attention from many manufacturers involved in cars and motorsport including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and others. There are good reasons for that: it’s “affordable” to own a team in Formula E, it’s green, it’s getting more popular, and it’s the future so why not jump in it early?

The best news so far is the awesome looking new car for the current season! Check it out in the official announcement trailer: