November Time Trial 🏁 at RaceSim1!

RaceSim1 Sim Racing Arcade Toronto - November Time TrialOschersleben. Try and say that 10 times fast! Well, this is where you’ll be racing for the November time trial challenge 😉

This track is in Germany in the city of… you guessed it: Oschersleben.

From site: “Germany’s third permanent race circuit after the Nürburgring and Hockenheim, Oschersleben became the first such facility in the former East Germany when it opened in 1997. It has become a staple part of the German motorsport scene and has also enjoyed an occasional international focus.

A great way to race on this track is with a German car of course. How about the Mercedes-Benz Sauber C9? This 1989 supercar is available in two versions in Project CARS 2: “normal” and “LM”. The LM is the one you want for this challenge.

We’ll post all lap times that are in the high 0:50s/low 1:00s to our leaderboard here at the centre as well as on our web page.

Braggin’ rights to the leader of course!

Come and race around the track and make your way to the top  🙂