More Commitment to eSports in FormulaE

Formula E and Virtually Live Ghost RacingFormula E is the electric version of Formula Racing.

Since its inception a few years ago, they’ve put a lot of effort in making sure they are at the forefront of innovation. They’ve been involved in eSports by making it possible for gamers to compete alongside real drivers and now, Formula E are partnering with a company called Virtually Live so everyone can join in on a LIVE race in the comfort of their own home.

Based on the Press Release, this is how we understood it will work:

Similarly to racing online against other players around the world or racing against computer cars (AI), players will join an online race and be on the same track at the same time as the real drivers. Players will be racing against the real drivers in real time. How did they do it? Well, nowadays, race cars are equipped with various sensors, GPS, and other advanced track positioning systems that feed information back to the teams in the paddocks and helps them understand what the driver and car are doing. They use this data (called telemetry) to fine-tune the car and give tips to the driver. This same telemetry data is also what will power the game and allow for the live ghost racing game to work.

Sounds exiting? Head over to¬† and get your name on the waiting list to see when they launch and when you’ll be able to give it a spin!