RaceSim1 Team at the Track!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get invited by professional race car driver Kyle Marcelli to go watch a full day of racing at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Derrick had been to a racing track and race before but it was Max’s first time. We had time in the morning to go around and see the cars, the track and some of the races including a Porsche GT3 Cup race before the rain really started to come down on us.

The main GT3 event was cancelled but before that, the small Nissan Micra cars ran their 30 minutes race as part of the Nissan Micra Cup and it was so much fun to watch! Even though these cars barelly have 100 horsepower, they do offer quite a show.

Thank you so much to Marcelli Motors and to R. Ferri Motorsport for having us. It was a blast  😀

 RaceSim1 Sim Racing Centre - Pirelli WC May 21, 2017 RaceSim1 Sim Racing Centre - Pirelli WC VIP Card May 21, 2017