Forza 6 & Project CARS – March League Races

Event Details

Registrations are now closed for this event. Stay tuned for the next one in mid/late April!

Race Results

Thank you so much to all participants! Here are the race results:

Race #1:

Driver Qual. Best Qual. Lap Final
Cesar R 2 N/A 1
 Ricky A 1 N/A 2
John N-J 3 N/A 3
Max J 4 N/A 4

Race #2:

Driver Qual. Best Qual. Lap Final
Shawn S 1 N/A 1
Ryan Z 2 N/A 2
Mladen L 3 N/A 3
John N-J 4 N/A 4
Alberto T 5 N/A 5

Forza 6 & Project CARS – March League Races

Our March league races will take place Wednesday March 29 from 6PM to 9PM.
We will be hosting 2 races. The first on Forza Motorsport 6 and the second on Project CARS.

Race #1 – Forza – 6PM to 7h30PM |┬áVolvo Polestar S60 STCC
Novice to Intermediate skilled drivers on Watkins Glen Short ALT
(This is the track without the “bus stop”).
RaceSim1 - Forza - Watkins Glen Short Alt - Track Screenshot

RaceSim1 - Forza - Volvo Polestar S60 STCC - Car Screenshot

Race #2 – Project CARS – 7h30PM to 9PM |┬áRadical RXC Turbo
Intermediate+ to Advanced skilled drivers on Watkins Glen Short.
RaceSim1 - Project CARS - Watkins Glen Short - Track Screenshot

RaceSim1 - Project CARS - Radical RXC Turbo - Car Screenshot

The race will take place at RaceSim1 Sim Racing Center (693 Bloor St. West).

Race #1 – Forza – Current Contenders:

  • Drivers (5┬áneeded):┬áMladen L,┬áTemujen B, Varun D, Ricky A, Cesar R, John N-J, Max J
  • Backup Drivers: Dexter C

Race #2 – Project CARS – Current Contenders:

  • Drivers (5 needed): Shawn S, Ryan Z, Mladen L, Alberto T,┬áNeil W, John N-J
  • Backup Drivers: Alioune H


Both races start with a 10 minutes qualifications round followed by a 5 minutes warm-up leading to the race.

 Race Practice & Social Race (25 laps)
#1 (Forza) 6:00pm-6:45pm 6:45pm-7:30pm
Practice & Social Race (25 laps)
#2 (PCars) 7:30PM-8:15PM 8:15pm-9:00pm


  • Clear conditions
  • Day time race

Car Selection

  • Volvo Polestar S60 STCC (Forza Race #1)
  • Radical RXC Turbo (PCars Race #2)

Rules and Restrictions

  • Force Interior View: YES (mandatory rear-view mirror)
  • Force Manual Gears:┬áNO
  • Force Default Setups: YES
  • Allow ABS: YES
  • Allow Stability Control: YES
  • Allow Traction Control: YES
  • Damage: FULL DAMAGE
  • Mechanical Failures: NO
  • Tire Wear: REAL
  • Fuel Usage: OFF
  • Flags & Penalties: ON

Please be careful and respect driver etiquette. With Flags & Penalties ON, you might be slowed down, called to the pit lane or disqualified from the race if you do not comply.


  • $30 per driver per race and everyone is welcome to stay for both
  • Free for spectators and for backup drivers that end up not racing


Space is limited so you HAVE to show up if you RSVP or we will be missing some drivers. You may RSVP as a replacement/backup driver or as a spectator too. The first 5 drivers to register for each event will be driving and the ones after will be automatically switched to backup drivers.

Registrations are now closed for this event. Stay tuned for the next one in mid/late April!